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anarmandaleg (WAX)

My first session here was at Bondi. When I got off the bus, I ducked into some news agent, figuring, Hey, we’re at Bondi; every shop must sell wax. I was correct.

However, I did not anticipate that when the guy rang me up, he would ask me for $4.95 (AUD, of course). I said, “Pardon me, good sir?”

He said, “Yes, you beautiful, young lady, I said $4.95.”

I scoffed.

He said, “How much you usually pay?”

“Like a dollar fifty,” I responded (scandalized).

Now he looked scandalized. “Well… uhh… give me $3.95.”

I said merci and chalked it up to a small store, a captive audience, and some good, old-fashioned gouging.

That is, until the next time I happened to check the price on wax, and it was still somewhere around five bills. I accosted my US-born, fellow surfer of a landlord and he laughed and simply said, “Yeah, everything here is expensive.”

Fair enough. At least I can say I haggled my first Aussie bar of wax. And won a 20% discount.

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Diplomas and Splints and Snow

You: Up to speed. In brief:


After showing my outta-town friends what the Jersey Shore is really like, I tumbled down some stairs and broke my finger.

I maintain that the culprit was the extreme lack of light by which that staircase may have been seen.


NYU threw us a graduation fete. The best way to say, “Congratulations on completing your master’s program!” is really to dole out oodles of free wine, and that they did. My mom got drunk and wrote “Viagra” on a white board–we have no idea why:


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Wax Nostalgic, Prophetic, Organic

He races below the lip, gathering speed.  A quick backside turn.  A vertical ascent.  Jordy Smith goes airborne.  He crouches and grabs both rails, fins to the sky.  A complete rotation finds him back on the lip, right at home, though facing the wrong direction.  An easy 180-degree spin and he’s back in.  Smith’s rodeo flip, the rodeo flip, caused quite a ruckus.  Befuddled surfers the world-over watched that clip, and thought, I want what he’s having.  In terms of wax, of course.  Didn’t they?  Well, they should have, because the maneuver wouldn’t have been possible without wax.

At 10 million bars a year, surfboard wax may be the sport’s most underappreciated essential.  Though often lauded for its olfactory magnificence, wax is rarely the topic of enlivened conversation — or any conversation at all, for that matter.

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Love Thy Wax

‘Cause without it, you wouldn’t be able to rodeo flip.  Yes, that’s right, it’s the wax that makes it possible.

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The WAX Research Continues

The other day, I thought to myself, Hmm… there’s probably not a book dedicated entirely to surf wax, but why don’t I just check Amazon- WHAT?!? Turns out, there is.  I couldn’t find a copy of Surfboard Wax: A History at the NYPL, but my local Jersey library is kindly holding one for me.

Thanks to those of you who weighed in on what type of wax you use.  As for the rest of you slackers: the link is still up at the top of the page.  If you vote for “other,” digame [por favor] what “other” means.  If you have any other thoughts on surf wax, comment away; I’d love to hear what’s going through your head, no matter how weird.

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Please Take My Wax Poll

Look – Mick Fanning apparently likes Sex Wax.  What kind of wax do you use?  Click on the poll above and tell me!

P.S. This is research (and highly scientific).  Gracias.

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