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Diplomas and Splints and Snow

You: Up to speed. In brief:


After showing my outta-town friends what the Jersey Shore is really like, I tumbled down some stairs and broke my finger.

I maintain that the culprit was the extreme lack of light by which that staircase may have been seen.


NYU threw us a graduation fete. The best way to say, “Congratulations on completing your master’s program!” is really to dole out oodles of free wine, and that they did. My mom got drunk and wrote “Viagra” on a white board–we have no idea why:


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Semi Mixed-Up Midway Ruminations

Here’s some nonsense from the intern log I had to write for NYU:

I have sand in my car.  In the cup holders and the back seat.  I have sand in my sheets, though I just washed them.  I have sand on my bedroom floor and in my backpack.  The ports of my computer are jammed with sand.  There is sand in all of the pockets, of all of my clothes.  In my ears, in my eyes.  I’m sure there’s sand in my sinuses.

I arrived at LAX for the first time on a Sunday, around lunchtime.  I procured my criminally overpriced rental car and managed to find my way to the 405 South: what seems to be, upon initial inspection, the most unstable freeway in the continental United States.  The weird, grated concrete feels a lot less safe when driving a borrowed Ford Focus between hurried Californians hurtling along at completely unreasonable speeds.

With a sigh of relief, I pulled off the freeway into San Clemente.  There were literally surfboards everywhere.  I saw an old Porsche with a board strapped to the roof and fell in love a little bit.

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Ship Shape: Swimming. Finally.

Swimming is one of my favorite things, yet somehow it took me almost two semesters to muster up the courage to swim at Palladium.  I don’t really have a good excuse.  I also don’t have fancy swimming bathing suits, just bikinis, so I picked the one least likely to fall off and went for it.

I'd rather be in the ocean...

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Ship Shape Part 2: RUNNING

I’m also not really a runner.  Are you sensing a pattern here?  I like to swim and ride my bike, sheesh!  I don’t have a bicycle here because the idea of riding on the same streets as these crazy taxi drivers scares the scheiße out of me.  And swimming is a venture yet to come, as soon as I purchase a non-bikini and figure out exactly why the Palladium pool intimidates me so much.

Anyway, despite the fact that I was on the high school track team, running has never been one of my strong points.  My knees get sore, I wheeze, I get bored and start counting or repeating nonsense phrases in my head… it’s not pretty.  Nonetheless, I believe that running is one of the most complete workouts and, hey, maybe it’s time running and I resolved our differences.

As it turns out, I’m not the worst runner, and I can even run farther than 2 miles.  Astonishingly.  All it takes is odd people to ogle and the promise of coffee at the next block to draw me along.  Who knew?

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