Ship Shape: Swimming. Finally.

Swimming is one of my favorite things, yet somehow it took me almost two semesters to muster up the courage to swim at Palladium.  I don’t really have a good excuse.  I also don’t have fancy swimming bathing suits, just bikinis, so I picked the one least likely to fall off and went for it.

I'd rather be in the ocean...

After asking for help (something I try to avoid at all costs when working out) I found my way into the natatorium (Ha).  The lifeguard made me borrow a swim cap, because my hair is longer than “collarbone-length.”  It was bright red, and did not help me achieve my usual goal of blending in.

Anyway, the pool was really clean (probably because they make everyone wear swim caps) and overall, it was a good experience.  I always forget exactly how looong pools [not in your back yard] are… this one is 25 meters, I think.  But my arms weren’t rubbery, so that’s a good sign for spring surfing, and it really felt good to float after a winter of hunched-over trudging through wind and snow.

Now, if only the ocean would warm up a little…

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