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Q&A with Ryan Moss on SURFER

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SURFER: Awe-Struck in Jersey

Click below to read about Ryan Struck’s photo exhibition on SURFERmag.com.

Awe-Struck. Get it?

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As you guys know, I LOVE Innersection.  Read my


picks for the Summer Round on SURFERmag.com.

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On the inside… Castles NYC

Okay, so here’s a random hodge podge (I said it) of thoughts I didn’t include in the SURFER story:

  • I was literally standing a foot from Dan Malloy for a good twenty minutes before we caught each others’ attention.  I said, “Hi.”  He said, “Hi.”  That was it.  I panicked.
  • Somehow, it was easier to approach Taylor Steele??  Maybe because this was a few hours later… anyway…
  • There were a ridiculous number of models present who made 5’8″ me feel short.
  • Motorcycle-riding girls who smelled of incense were strategically placed in theaters to add another dimension to the viewing experience.  Or, maybe that was a lucky coincidence.

Also, I learned the following lessons… Continue reading

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The WAX Research Continues

The other day, I thought to myself, Hmm… there’s probably not a book dedicated entirely to surf wax, but why don’t I just check Amazon- WHAT?!? Turns out, there is.  I couldn’t find a copy of Surfboard Wax: A History at the NYPL, but my local Jersey library is kindly holding one for me.

Thanks to those of you who weighed in on what type of wax you use.  As for the rest of you slackers: the link is still up at the top of the page.  If you vote for “other,” digame [por favor] what “other” means.  If you have any other thoughts on surf wax, comment away; I’d love to hear what’s going through your head, no matter how weird.

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Humongous Waimea from Surfermag.com


Read Chris Dixon’s blog post, which seems to successfully convey just how awe-inspiring these “fifty-foot walls of liquid death” were.  Man, do I wish I was there to witness this!

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