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Melbourne. Rocks.

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How to Feel Like You Surf GOOD (Even When You Don’t)

Step One: Surf in Australia.

Many of Australia’s beaches are world-renowned, and I guess owing to the fact that Asia is so darn close, that continent’s tourists really enjoy this continent’s beaches. Now, Asians and I have couple of things in common–the most notable being unhealthy loves of both bubble tea and photographic equipment. And landmarks. Yes, those too. Accordingly, when you visit Bondi or Byron or Surfers Paradise, you will find lots of camera-clenching excursionists (I like that word) with a duty to obtain evidence that they were there. (I know the feeling.) Get ready for the best part: What cooler form could evidence possibly take than a snapshot of a real, live surfer? If you have a surfboard on the east coast of Oz–nevermind whether you are actually using it–you WILL be photographed by a traveling Asian, and then you will receive a grateful nod or wave. You will feel like a rock star. This foolishly unexpected, yet brilliant, bonus to surfing some of the world’s most famous beaches is, alone, worth the plane ride.

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SURFER: Awe-Struck in Jersey

Click below to read about Ryan Struck’s photo exhibition on SURFERmag.com.

Awe-Struck. Get it?

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Tuesday at Trestles

Uppers blew up Tuesday afternoon. Check out the rest of the pics here.

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Seaside Park 5.25.10

A few not so great photos of a pretty decent day…

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PAST DEADLINE from Surfline.com

The guys over at Surfline.com put together this sick slideshow of “New York’s impossible run of surf.” Check it out.

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