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Wax Nostalgic, Prophetic, Organic

He races below the lip, gathering speed.  A quick backside turn.  A vertical ascent.  Jordy Smith goes airborne.  He crouches and grabs both rails, fins to the sky.  A complete rotation finds him back on the lip, right at home, though facing the wrong direction.  An easy 180-degree spin and he’s back in.  Smith’s rodeo flip, the rodeo flip, caused quite a ruckus.  Befuddled surfers the world-over watched that clip, and thought, I want what he’s having.  In terms of wax, of course.  Didn’t they?  Well, they should have, because the maneuver wouldn’t have been possible without wax.

At 10 million bars a year, surfboard wax may be the sport’s most underappreciated essential.  Though often lauded for its olfactory magnificence, wax is rarely the topic of enlivened conversation — or any conversation at all, for that matter.

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Love Thy Wax

‘Cause without it, you wouldn’t be able to rodeo flip.  Yes, that’s right, it’s the wax that makes it possible.

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Reubyn Ash: Told You He Was Good

I’ve been doing some research on my favorite [lesser-known] Still Filthier and I stand by my prediction; his airs are completely mental.  Check out the awesome photos on his new site, and while you’re at it, these Indo clips probably won’t bore you too much:

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