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Diplomas and Splints and Snow

You: Up to speed. In brief:


After showing my outta-town friends what the Jersey Shore is really like, I tumbled down some stairs and broke my finger.

I maintain that the culprit was the extreme lack of light by which that staircase may have been seen.


NYU threw us a graduation fete. The best way to say, “Congratulations on completing your master’s program!” is really to dole out oodles of free wine, and that they did. My mom got drunk and wrote “Viagra” on a white board–we have no idea why:


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Interesting forecast…

Casino Pier

In other news, it’s snowing. A lot. Go play in it!

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Minnesota Loves AC Snow Surfers

What’s on Fox News in Mankato, Minnesota?  New Jersey kids surfing in the snow, apparently.

“Now that’s what I call die-hard surfing!”  Ha.  Check oot The New Surf’s cool snow photo.

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Sunday River

Through my eyes:

AND, of course,

The new helmet!

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Alternatives To Winging It

Some of us like to just wing it, especially if we’re lucky enough to live near the beach.  We just throw our boards in the car and hope for the best, looking for the thumbs up (or down) as we pass other boarded vehicles along the way.  If we get to the beach and there aren’t any waves, we’ll try again tomorrow.

Most people these days, I think, prefer to check surf reports (either online or by good, old-fashioned tele) before journeying seaward.

I guess I fall in between those categories, at least with regards to surfing.  With skiing, I optimistically gamble.  As I sat at the kitchen table this morning, fully dressed in ski pants and a crazy-thick sweater, I listened to the chilling wind outside.  I found myself deviating from my usual shot-in-the-dark strategy and wondering if you could, say, call up the local ski shop and get a real-time report of mountain conditions, as we do at the beach.

As it turns out, the snow equivalents of Magic Seaweed seem to be and  They have about the same information on both sites, but On The Snow has a more comprehensive weather report, wind included, which I like.  If you don’t have a computer at your disposal, check with 411 because most resorts do have hotlines for the latest trail and lift info.

Okay, I know you probably knew this already and I apologize, but  I can only hope that it helps some poor sap, like myself, who finds the unknown kind of romantic, and occasionally just wants to know what she’s getting herself into.

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“It’s as cold and lonely tonight…” FROZEN Trailer

There are certain situational phrases we have come to expect that my dad will unfailingly utter.  For example, every single one of his sneezes is immediately followed by an expletory exclamation.  Whenever he spies a warning sign, he says, “Danger, danger, when you taste brown sugar!”  (Ridiculous, I know.)  And every time we go skiing, he reminds us, in a theatrically ominous tone, that the mountain is “as cold and lonely tonight…” as it was 300 years ago, or whatever.

Yesterday, it was this very admonition that prompted my brother to say that there’s a movie coming out about being stuck on a mountain- cold and lonely.  Frozen is, apparently, this movie.  I’m not sure if it looks like Oscar material but it looks interesting, and it inspired a debate over the proper course of action one should take if stranded on a chair lift for (potentially) 5 arctic days:

1.  Jump: either land with broken limbs and wait for cougars and wolves, or land successfully and ski on down the mountain


2.  Wait out the cold: possibly become a skicicle

It’s a tough choice… I think I would jump, but who can be sure?  What would you do?

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Old News but Good News: STEEP Trailer

I got the much-grappled-over ski helmet for Christmas (I love it) and now I’m in the mood for wild and crazy skiing so…

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Post-Blizzard Casino Pier 12.20.09

I was standing on the beach yesterday in a ski jacket and gloves, and I could barely keep my camera in my hands because they were, pretty much, frozen.  There were like 10 inches of snow on the sand, except where the biting wind had swept it away, and there were about 20 hard-core Jersey guys out in the water.  They were covered head to toe in neoprene (or whatever wetsuits are made of these days) but they were out there in the 40-something-degree water and below-freezing air, getting some excellent rides.  Impressive.

Ryan Daly trying not to freeze, literally.

These guys were nice enough to let me take their photo.

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