“It’s as cold and lonely tonight…” FROZEN Trailer

There are certain situational phrases we have come to expect that my dad will unfailingly utter.  For example, every single one of his sneezes is immediately followed by an expletory exclamation.  Whenever he spies a warning sign, he says, “Danger, danger, when you taste brown sugar!”  (Ridiculous, I know.)  And every time we go skiing, he reminds us, in a theatrically ominous tone, that the mountain is “as cold and lonely tonight…” as it was 300 years ago, or whatever.

Yesterday, it was this very admonition that prompted my brother to say that there’s a movie coming out about being stuck on a mountain- cold and lonely.  Frozen is, apparently, this movie.  I’m not sure if it looks like Oscar material but it looks interesting, and it inspired a debate over the proper course of action one should take if stranded on a chair lift for (potentially) 5 arctic days:

1.  Jump: either land with broken limbs and wait for cougars and wolves, or land successfully and ski on down the mountain


2.  Wait out the cold: possibly become a skicicle

It’s a tough choice… I think I would jump, but who can be sure?  What would you do?

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