Snide Comments on Transworld Surf’s “The Real Jersey Shore”

Yesterday, Justin Cote posted “The Real Jersey Shore” on Transworld Surf’s site.  Love the photos and the positive publicity.  Some of the comments that follow those gorgeous barrels, on the other hand… wow.

“go ahead, rip away. San Diego, CA. Face it, NJ is the worst place in America to live. The show is what it is – true life on the Jersey shore. Your state is a joke to the rest of us, even people in places like Iowa.”

“Love it but spare us the ‘Jersey is misunderstood’ bs. I’ve seen the Jersey shore and my opinion is that show isn’t an exaggeration. If the real Jersey shore wasn’t like that the people from there wouldn’t be so defensive about it.”

You know what, spare me the “love it” bs… we all know it’s really tough to love sick waves when they’re found in a place as despicable as New Jersey, right? Why don’t you take a drive over here from your fabulous home state during the winter months and educate yourself on exactly how inaccurate Jersey Shore is.  Or don’t: more waves (and less baseless hostility) for us.

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One thought on “Snide Comments on Transworld Surf’s “The Real Jersey Shore”

  1. Kyle Kelly says:

    Well said Case


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