A Pleasant Surprise DVD Available TODAY!

Kyle Pahlow and Nick Zegel are not only two awesome guys who happen to have a knack for finding the most delicious, underground fried noodles in New York’s Chinatown at 3 a.m.  They are also superbly talented filmmakers who have put together a beautiful homage to surfing the mixed conditions and sometimes frigid waters of Jersey.

I saw A Pleasant Surprise back in September at the New York Surf Film Festival and fell completely in love with it.  Being from New Jersey, I know that our surf culture is unique, and it’s so nice to see that captured in this finely visualized tribute to the most scoffed-at state in the nation.

My favorite part is when the guys are talking about their high-tech winter gear.

The DVD is available today (Dec. 16th) – do yourself a favor and buy it.

Here’s what Surfer says about A Pleasant Surprise.

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