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Billabong Odyssey & XXL Awards

The idea behind Philip Boston’s film Billabong Odyssey is really cool: assemble the world’s most notable big wave riders, dispatch them to exotic locations in search of enormous swells, and hopefully, that elusive 100-foot monster.  The documentary is a little bit choppy, but there are lots of compelling moments, like the end: Mike Parsons suffers an insane wipeout at Jaws.  A few minutes later, he catches the colossus that ends up as the film’s opening sequence.

The footage from Teahupo’o was actually one of my favorite parts; those wipeouts and over-the-falls clips are agonizing.

In related news, Billabong held its 10th Annual XXL Awards at the end of April.  The Biggest Wave Award went to Sebastian Steudtner for his ride at  Jaws on December 7th, 2009.  Check it out:

Even more related news: Read Zach Weisberg’s blog post on big wave surfing and the industry.

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Huge TEAHUPO’O 3.17.10

Check out Transworld’s gallery of incredible photos!  Love the one of Ben Sanchis, and Sam Hawke’s “wave of the day” – crazy big.

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Mavericks Update: Congratulations Bertish

Congratulations Chris Bertish – 2010 Mavs Winner

– – –

The 2010 Mavericks Surf Contest Finals are supposed to begin at 1:10 Pacific.  Here’s the list of finalists (from Ustream):

One of these guys is taking home $50,000.  Good luck!

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“Pandemonium” at 09/10 Mavericks Surf Contest

Watching the Mavericks contest LIVE with more than 38,000 others – Waves are awesome, some really great rides (Pete Mel!), and there’s complete chaos on the beach as surges take out spectators left and right…

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Brett Barley at Volcom Pipeline Pro 2010

Brett Barley -a Buxton, North Carolina local- turned a lot of heads at the Volcom Pipeline Pro on Jan. 29th.  The 20-year-old goofy footer eagerly took one of only five perfect 10.0s and racked up the highest heat score of the contest: 19.67. says “Gnarly Barley Makes the East Coast Proud,” and I couldn’t agree more.  It’s awesome to see a Cape Hatteras kid charge (and score big) at Pipe.

SURFER: “Barley, who entered the event as somewhat of a dark horse, smashed the events highest heat total by surfing a nearly flawless heat… eliminating Hawaiian heavies and pipeline specialist.”

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“Kelly Slater and Dream Crew Paddle Cortes Bank” from SURFER’s YouTube

There’s a mighty painful looking wipeout around 1:46… Enjoy!

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Eddie Aikau 2009 Last Heat

The amount of time between set waves is, like, stunning.  This is nutty and awesome.

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Humongous Waimea from


Read Chris Dixon’s blog post, which seems to successfully convey just how awe-inspiring these “fifty-foot walls of liquid death” were.  Man, do I wish I was there to witness this!

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