Earth Vibrations and BAC Weirdness

I felt my first earthquake the other night and it was frucking strange.  “Unsettling,” as the lady on the news said.  I mean, isn’t an earthquake unsettling by definition?  Okay, anyway… I was standing in my living room when the entire house started swaying.  Roomie numero dos said, matter-of-factly, “Earthquake.  We should go outside.”

Oh, let me say that I’ve heard about 300 different [conflicting] opinions about what one is “supposed” to do in the event of an earthquake:

  • Get under a table to protect yourself from falling debris.
  • No, don’t get under a table because the falling debris will trap you there.
  • Stand in a doorway.
  • No, that’s a structural weak point.
  • Go outside.
  • Do not go outside; pieces of buildings can getcha there.

I’m an East Coaster; I don’t know which advice to follow!  Here’s what FEMA says, if you trust those wieners.

And now for your daily entertainment/internal conflict…

Yesterday, I met a guy who has a mandatory breathalyzer installed in his car.  By law.  He’s from Arizona, and apparently that’s what they do when you get a DUI… along with sending you to the slammer for a week.  A week!  Part of me feels like it’s brilliant that the punishment for DUI is so harsh; it’s got to be a strong deterrent.  On the other hand, a week in jail with mal-intentioned thugs… what if he only had 2 beers and was exceptionally light?  Maybe that is the best way to keep people from driving drunk?  By the way, this is relevant is because I met this crook while working (at the Bible) and the whole discovery went down in Orange County: Are you playing a kazoo that happens to be attached to your dashboard?  Oh wait, that’s not a kazoo; it’s a personal breathalyzer.  “Laugh it up, fuckers,” he said.

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