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City Surf Fix: Saturdays Surf NYC & Mollusk

I’m writing a story on how to get your surf fix while living in the city, so as part of my research this week, I’ve been visiting New York’s surf shops…

Saturdays Surf NYC is a city-chic surf shop located at 31 Crosby Street (SoHo).  The selection of goods is smallish, but they do have beautiful JC and Lightning Bolt boards of all different colors, shapes, and sizes- along with cold water wax and leashes.  The back door opens onto a courtyard, which may or may not be occupied by a humongous brown dog.

Choosing to capitalize on surfers’ coffee dependence, Saturdays put a tiny café area in the front of the shop- okay, it’s really just a counter with fancy espresso machines.  The lattes are made with love by friendly, handsome guys- something that’ll cost you extra: $4 for a small, no special requests.  It’s good coffee, however, and walking away with your understated white cup will definitely make you feel “cool.”  Unless, that is, you’re fumbling to take covert photos of the place:

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