Pine Tree State Beerin’

While I was up in the hinterlands (Maine), I acquired a few exceptional new beers for the Yankee List. My favorite was Sunday River Brew Pub’s Alpine Porter, which tastes like pine trees. Seriously. It’s weird but amazing. Portland, M.E.’s Allagash Black (which I’d never seen before) is fantastic, as well.

Allagash. black.

Anddd I realize this is kind of annoying, but I’ve also added a very small-batch beer that you’re unlikely to come across… I feel it deserves a spot on the list: The Maple Brown Sugar Cranberry Xmas Ale was created by my friend Josh Hahn. Josh is probably not related to those Hahn brewers in Oz, but he has equal (if not greater) brewmaster skills. Thanks, Josh!

If you click on that link up there, you can see the entire list. As always, discourse is encouraged.

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3 thoughts on “Pine Tree State Beerin’

  1. Jake says:

    Oxbow and Bunker are two of my favorite Maine microbreweries – unfortunately they’re only available on tap and in growlers. They’re easy to find in Portland, though, if you go to a beer bar like Novare Res, LFK, Great Lost Bear, or Local 188!

    • Casey Butler says:

      Hey Jake, thanks so much for reading and pointing me toward some new beers/pubs! I think I need to make a trip to Portland. Have you ever been to the Urban Farm Fermentory?

      • Jake says:

        I’ve never been to UFF. I know I should – it’s right next to Bunker in Portland’s East Bayside area (which they’ve taken to calling yEast Bayside, because of the breweries and distillery popping up there. I have had their ciders and kombucha at Novare Res and at the Portland Brew Festival. Great stuff! I think the HOMA is particularly good, and the Dry Cidah tastes more like real farm cider than the cider you’d get from a larger brewer.


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