From Russia with SPAM


The best site, all happy.
I decided to share the site on which helped to find a soul mate.
A large number of articles on it about family, how to get acquainted with the lovelyladies, how to find a husband or life partner.
And the part with the one that did not respect me and changed: * (.

If interested, click on one of the links:


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One thought on “From Russia with SPAM

  1. 1stpeaksteve says:

    One of the joys of blog ownership!

    I must get like 3 a week that carry on about the fact that I am not optimizing my key words and blah blah blah to make my blog #1 on Google. Well, my name is not Seth Grodin so I do not care!

    I also like the people who blatantly want to push some product on their comment. I let one guy comment because I think he is a rep for a company that I like. I think one comment with one link is good enough. If you want to post 6 links, then give me some $$$ for advertising!

    That is all! Enjoy your spam and enjoy the run of incredible surf you have been getting!


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