When Manners Go Awry

People have been asking me if I’m Canadian.

I don’t say “aboot” or “eh” (very much). That aside, our accents are similar, so I was thinking this was a fair guess.

It’s sort of vital for us “morally indefensible” hustlers (journalists) to be able to put people at ease. I’m decent at making people think I:

a. want to hear their thoughts

b. won’t judge them.

These are mostly true. As a result, strangers ask to join me for meals. They also seem to feel they can confide in me. You’re wondering what this has to do with me being Canadian, eh?

Well, my receptive and amicable demeanor has apparently encouraged a handful of recent acquaintances to reveal that they already suspected I was American; they only asked if I was Canadian(not American) to avoid offending me, on the off-chance that I was, in fact, Canadian. Does anyone else see a discrepancy here?

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