Ship Shape: Reservoir Running

I’ve been in my new apartment for exactly a week now. It is not a block from the beach, but it is a couple of blocks from Central Park–I can’t very well complain. I obviously have not been surfing every day, so I’m back to gym-ing and the like.

This morning, I ran (ok, jogged) around the reservoir in the park (ok, just part of the way). I got to play the “funcomfortable” game of Nanny or Mommy? which definitely helped distract me from the actual act of running. I discovered that once you get to the top of the reservoir, there is a really excellent view of the mid- and downtown skyline. Finally, and most importantly, I realized that the reservoir runners, who are of all ages and skill levels, employ a fascinating array of techniques, postures, and demeanors. In short, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel self-conscious about my form again. Which is a huge relief. I think I might actually like running in the park.

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One thought on “Ship Shape: Reservoir Running

  1. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom


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