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Kelly’s Numero Diez y No Hay Surfers en esta Ciudad!

Kelly Slater: Superhuman. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I mostly just wanted to update you guys on the surfer stalking. I saw one character on the 6 train who I’m 96% sure was a surfer (very blonde and wearing a neon pink t-shirt) but he basically disappeared after getting off at Spring Street. I thought for sure he’d head to Saturdays, but no such luck. He has literally been the only person to set off my surfer-dar since I decided to conduct this massively creepy experiment, but I’ll not be deterred…

In other news, I am going to Tex-ass tomorrow for my dear friend Cody’s wedding and I’m super psyched–even though I’m missing this swellage:

Ah well, let me know how your sessions go!

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The Bible

As you may have deduced, I’m heading to California in a couple of days.  On Sunday, to be exact.  Right now, I should be putting the final touches on the toast for my best friend’s wedding, which is tomorrow.  Or at least packing something.

This toast is probably one of the more important things I’ll ever write.  I’m going to read it, mean it, drink to it.  There will be lots of drinking to it.  The morning after, hangover or not, I intend to be at brunch: 10 a.m.  I have an unnatural devotion to omelets.  The following morning (if you can call it that) it’s off to JFK airport while it’s still dark.  I should probably ask Kel and Dave to stop for a porkroll bagel on the way.  Hopefully around lunchtime — California lunchtime, that is — I’ll be in the OC (ha ha) with my surfboard, some clothes, and my laptop.

I’m going to work for the Bible.

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