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Reason 347 why you should read this blog…

To save yourself the embarrassment of not knowing who writes it.

Note: I cannot help you with the embarrassment of not knowing who you’re texting.

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Aussie commercials are Super Bowl caliber, every day. Step it up, America.

A scheduling mix-up at work has given me the morning off. At first, I was annoyed that I woke up at 6 a.m. and rode my bike down there in the wind, only to ride it back 30 minutes later. But then I surfed for two hours and I wasn’t annoyed anymore. Funny how that happens. PLUS, tomorrow’s my birthday! For no reason, other than the fact that I’m now in a good mood and I feel like posting something, here’s my current favorite Aussie commercial:

Who’s got a good birthday surf vid I can use for tomorrow?! Send it ova!

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