In Other People’s Words:



Disclaimer: I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions for the…

Predictable: Surf more. Stop procrastinating. Get organized. Keep in touch. Exercise. More.

Bi-polar: Escape comfort zone. Be less reckless.

Uninitiated: Take more drugs. Have more sex.

Veteran: Use condoms. More.

Ironic: Plan less. Go with “the flow.”

Realist: Eat better. Sleep more. Surf five new spots.

Ambitious: Quit smoking. Surf a new country.

Overachiever: Get hitched. Surf a new continent.

Liar: Drink less.


By The Numbers:

17: Planes ridden in.

7: Ocean crossings.

8: Continental shifts.

19: New spots surfed.

151: Days spent outside of the U.S.

Countless: Friends made and lost.

1: Nieces.

2: Times felt fireworks.

1: Life-affirming books.

56+: New beers.

2: Attempts to swim in the ocean at inappropriate hours.

1: Broken fingers.

Hundreds: Bruises.

0: Regrets.

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