Canberra is Way Cooler than People Say.

At the moment, I’m in Australia’s lovely capital, Canberra. There are no waves to speak of, but there is a pretty thriving bike culture. And loads of coffee. AND KANGAROOS! And I saw Limitless last night–it was pretty good. Everyone in America has probably already seen it, hey? Well if not, I recommend it.

I head to Melbourne tomorrow morning. Although I may or may not be running out of funds (please, please, give me a job!) I have decided that splurging on activities is far superior to sipping coffee in rainy dankness (ahem, Cairns). So, I’m planning to see where we lost our beloved Bodhi and take a ride on The Great Ocean Road. I’m looking for other fun stuff to do, too, so if you know Melbourne, throw some suggestions my way. Tanks!

I’ll have better updates for you soon. In the mean time, check out these chickens:

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