Fascinating Wax Facts

Here are a few things I learned this week that I think might interest you:

  • Mr. Zog is a real person.
  • Zog says that the ingredients in Sex Wax are considered “food grade” by the FDA.

  • According to Lisa at Mrs. Palmers, Mrs. Palmer is not (as far as she knows) a real person.  Bummer.

  • The development of a new Sticky Bumps formula in 1992 was an accident.  John Dahl says (in Surfboard Wax: A History):
  • “We came up with Sticky Bumps while were were experimenting with a variety of materials for an entirely unrelated product.  It was kind of like a witch’s brew… As soon as I saw it and used it, I knew there was nothing like it.”

  • Surfboard wax is a substance cloaked in mystery.  All of the best formulas and production techniques seem to be top-secret.  (Like most of the best surf spots)
  • recent study shows that men who spend lots of time in the sun have increased libidos.  Accordingly, surf wax creators have been trying to sell sex for years.  Failed overly sexy attempts (rated PG-13):
  • Wet Dreams surf wax
  • Big Peckers surf wax
  • Bubble Gum’s “Blow Me” slogan
  • VYAGRA wax (shot down by Viagra)
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