Bustin’ Down The Door

I admittedly watched this for the very first time last night, and immediately wished I had bought it, rather than Netflixed it.  Bustin’ Down the Door is Jeremy Gosch’s round documentary on the Aussie (and South African) invasion of the 1970s.  Smart interviews and first-person accounts are fused with formidable footage (both contemporary and current) to form the cohesive and compelling story of six surfers (“Rabbit” Bartholomew, Peter Townend, Mark Richards, Ian Cairns, Shaun Tomson, and Michael Tomson) who changed the sport.  MR’s style is just ridiculous and Ian Cairns is hilariously unapologetic.  If you are even remotely interested in the history of surfing, at least rent the thing- you won’t be disappointed because it’s excellent.

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