Wave SKIING: An Entirely New Type of “Skurfing”

A friend sent me this video, which I think is really interesting, and could, possibly, be a new thing- at least for those who have access to the expensive equipment involved.  Mike Douglas and Cody Townsend, who are both professional free skiers, were always curious about whether it was possible to ski on waves, they say.  After “years of dreaming” and much experimentation, they settled on alpine setups (crazy!) and gave it a shot in Hawaii.  They had to be towed in, for fairly obvious reasons, but once they were in, they were independent.  Their success is kind of amazing.  Watch it  and let me know what you think of this nutty hybrid.

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One thought on “Wave SKIING: An Entirely New Type of “Skurfing”

  1. Kyle Kelly says:

    That’s so sick. I wanna try that!!!


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