Ship Shape Part 1: YOGA

Part of my mission as a surf-thirsty city-dweller is to stay in shape.  Surfing is one of the few things capable of motivating me to exercise, so, fittingly for this site, I try to think about how each workout I do will affect my surfing.

I’m not a complete yoga neophyte, but I’m definitely not one of those people who do yoga twice a week, or even once every two weeks… well, you know what, I’ve done it before, let’s leave it at that.  The point is, I hear that it’s good for surfers, and I decided that as part of my “training” (heh.  I use that word extremely loosely) I would give this bendy thing another shot.

I’m not sure what I expected, exactly, from Yoga To The People, but after being buzzed into what felt like someone’s apartment building and spying the yoga room with lovely, calming hardwood floors and tranquil exposed brick, I thought, This shouldn’t be too bad. I paid $2 to rent a mat, set it out in uncomfortably close proximity to everyone around me, and before I knew it, I was sweating my ass off (literally, I hope).  By the end of the 60-minute class, all of these little, forgotten muscles felt utterly exhausted.  The next day, I’m almost as sore as that time I was crushed by a giant Australian.  Each and every muscle in my body hurts, which I’ll take as an excellent sign.  I plan to make this a semi-regular thing (at least once a month), so I’ll let you know how it affects my surfing, er, sometime soon, I hope.

Oh, P.S., did I mention it’s practically free?

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