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Reef Road Flo-rida

Have any of you guys ever surfed Reef Road?  Looks like it gets pretty good:

And dolphin-y.

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PinchmySalt.tv » the oil is here….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dean Randazzo at SURF FEST 2010

Dean Randazzo and friends raised $6,000 at last week’s 3rd Annual Freeze for a Cause.  Soon after, Dean ditched the Jersey deluge in favor of the Sunshine State for SURF FEST 2010.  On Saturday, the N.J. surf legend snagged 1st place in the Masters of Surfing Pro event at Sebastian Inlet.  Congratulations, Dean!

Check out Jon Coen’s story on ESPN Surfing.

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STILL FILTHY, Occy at Sebastian, and My Unsolicited Soothsaying

This is almost as awesome as the movie itself!

My totally unprofessional, Still Filthy-based prediction is that REUBYN ASH is going to be huge.  His SF section is nonsensical.  I don’t know, like I said, I have absolutely no authority to make these kinds of wild conjectures, but I just have this hunch that he’s gonna blow up.

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