Birthday Month and Mad Science

November is what I like to call “Birthday Month.” Not only is my birthday (favorite day of the year, duh) this month, but so are the birthdays of several of my favorite people. Mom, I’m looking at you. The moniker is made even more appropriate (and relevant) by the fact that Water, Water will also be a year old on November 12th.

B.M. seems like the perfect time to get a little eccentric, so I’ve come up with this experiment. It’s based on a crackpot theory I have that surfers can recognize other surfers. I think it’s partly due to instinct, partly to keen observational skills (probably honed by constant lineup vigilance). RVCA hat, toned triceps, deeper base tan than most New Yorkers, less-than-perfect hair: pretty solid indicators. Nothing infallible, however. This is where instinct comes in. We have a vibe. Or maybe it’s a pheromone. Liable to be imperceptible to other species, it signals our presence to those in the know. Much like how bees are genetically capable of sniffing out fear, surfers are genetically built to ID other surfers. I am the best ever analogy creator. Anyway, that’s my theory. So here’s the fun part: I’m going to put it to the test.

For the next month, every time I see someone who my gut tells me is a surfer [within the confines of New York City] I am going to ask. I’m also going to ask if I can take his photo, so that I can post it here for you (all four of you) and maybe–just maybe–it can be like a game. You tell me if you agree with my assessment, and I’ll tell you whether your surfer radar is better than mine. I might rub it in your face if it’s not. But wait… shit. If your radar’s off, that kind of disproves my hypothesis. Whatever, let the creeping on innocent, Billabong-wearing strangers begin!

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Month and Mad Science

  1. mom says:

    thanks.. I am glad that I am one of your favorite people, funny,you are one of mine also. Oh and I think I saw someone who looks like a surfer.

  2. 1stpeaksteve says:

    I stumbled upon your blog…loads of stuff!

    I wanted to weigh in about the surfing thing from an old timer. I think there lots of people with the surfer look but most good surfers I know really do not look like stereotypical surfers.

    One day my pal and I were surfing this one beach and it was fairly large. Two cars pulled up with a group of very vocal young guys with their girlfriends. My friend is fairly normal looking (like Ron Howard! Ha ha!) but he surfed in contests before so he is pretty good. Well, the guys were carrying on and my friend and I just were getting our gear ready.

    They were cut, a few had tatts, good boards, but none of these things helped them to get out. Only two got passed the mid-break!

    Well, if you are stuck in a city, I guess anyone who enters the water is good enough!

    Enjoy your adventures!

    • Casey Butler says:

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for reading and weighing in. This experiment wasn’t the most successful, haha, and I agree with you that looking the way a surfer “should look” has absolutely nothing to do with skill level. I was just saying the other day that on the Gold Coast, there are two VERY different categories of pretty guys with dingless boards, ha.

      Visit again soon!


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