Buying Forgiveness … via FINS

My board, which is really beginning to show its age, has never seen new fins.  I feel like a bad parent.  So, like many bad parents, I tried to redeem myself by shelling out.  In honor of its premier voyage to Cali – or should I say, return home – I bought it a new bag (which, hopefully, will protect it from disgruntled luggage handlers) and a new set of fins.

Buying fins is a seriously confusing endeavor.  I mean, I guess not if you buy them all the time.  I Googled something along the lines of “find best surfboard fins” (that is an embarrassing admission) and what I came up with were a bunch of sites that didn’t make it much easier.  You’ve got to consider the system first, right?  FCS.  Then the flex, depth, sweep, surface area… too technical for me.  I ended up just looking at the different features and benefits of each type.

I decided on FCS K-3 Glass Flex, mostly because if Kelly Slater says “you should be set for pretty much any sort of waves you find,” well, that sounds like a safe bet.  They’re also reasonably priced, but should be a definite upgrade from my 10-year-old plastics.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

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