City Surf Fix: ¡VAMOS! (Fish Tacos)

You’re a surfer.  You know you love Mexican food (we all do).  In a city that boasts thousands of restaurants – many of them Mexican – fish tacos are not as  ubiquitous as you’d think.

Tacos de Pescado Frito (Baja)

¡VAMOS! (1st Avenue between 20th and 21st Streets) has a massive array of both tacos and tequilas.  The Tacos de Pescado Frito Baja Style are over-stuffed with beer-battered, fried fish and chipotle mayo.  They are delicious.  The menu warns of some heat, but they’re really not that spicy, so drip a little bit of that unnaturally green hot sauce on ’em for an extra kick.  Two tacos will run you about $8.

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